Chief editor

The Chief Editor of Urban Construction and Architecture journal is Alexander K. Strelkov, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Head of the Water Supply and Wastewater Chair of the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Samara State Technical University (SSTU), Chief Researcher of the Hydrochemical Laboratory of SSTU.

In 1959 A.K. Strelkov graduated from Kuibyshev Construction College with the qualification «Industrial and Civil Engineering».

In 1967 he graduated from Kuibyshev Civil Engineering Institute n.a. A.I. Mikoyan with the qualification «Water Supply and Sewerage» and in the same year he began his work at the Institute in the position of research engineer.

In 1974 A.K.Strelkov successfully defended a PhD thesis and in 1999 a doctoral dissertation in «Water supply, sewerage, construction systems of water resources protection».

In 1976 he was conferred the academic rank of Associate Professor and in 2000 – the rank of Professor.

Since 1984 he holds the position of the Head of the Water Supply and Wastewater Chair.

A.K. Strelkov is an organizer of the industrial base of the Chair: research and production company «EKOS», Samara scientific center of Russian Academy of Housing and Utilities, Samara Department of Russian Municipal Academy.

He is the author of more than 400 scientific publications, 2 textbooks, 3 tutorials and 17 author’s certificates for an invention.

Under the leadership of Prof. A.K. Strelkov many doctoral, PhD and master dissertations have been defended.

In 2004 A.K. Strelkov was awarded a Prize of Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology (complex of works on increasing the efficiency of municipal water supply and drainage systems in large cities).

В 2005 he was awarded the Certificate of Merit of Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for significant achievements in improving the educational process and improving the quality of specialists of higher qualification.

В 2016 he was conferred the honorary title «Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation».