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Manuscript Submission Guidelines and Publishing Policies

The Editorial Board would publish only manuscripts containing original materials which have never been published previously and which correspond with the main fields and topics of the Journal. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, author(s) will be asked to sign a license publishing agreement. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit all manuscripts in the on-line version of the Journal hosted at as well as to send the materials to different Russian and foreign organizations providing their citation and indexing. The authors are fully responsible for any violation of intellectual property, copyright, etc according to the existing law of the Russian Federation. The ownership of intellectual property (copyright) for all publications in general belongs to the founder of the Journal (Samara State Technical University). Any unauthorized re-editing is prohibited. You should use citation rules when you refer to any materials published in the journal.

The Editorial Board does not consider manuscripts that are outside of the journal scientific fields and topics; have been previously published elsewhere; have been submitted simultaneously to more than one journal; violate manuscript submission guidelines and publishing policies. Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors. Author(s) will not receive any remuneration. Manuscripts submitted by post-graduate students (only in case a post-graduate student being the only author) would not be charged. Materials of an advertising nature dealing with energy engineering, architecture and building activities or education can be published in the journal and in its electronic version on a fee basis.

Manuscript Format Guidelines

The manuscript should be submitted in electronic format (Microsoft Word for Windows).

  • Page Layout: A4, Portrait Orientation.
  • Page margins: Top, bottom and left margins set to 2cm, right – to 1cm;
  • The numbers of pages should go in the bottom right-hand corner;
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph 1,25cm;
  • Font size: Times New Roman Cyr 14 pt;
  • 1.0 line spacing;

Manuscript length limit is 10 A4-size pages (pictures and tables included; the information of the authors excluded). Formulae should go in MathType 6 or MS Equation 3.0. Formulae should be as much simplified as possible and should not contain any intermediate conversion. Illustrations (pictures, graphs, diagrams, etc) should be black-and-white and have a resolution sufficient to produce a high-quality image. For that use Corel Draw (*.cdr) or other graphics editors ( in *. jpeg or *.tiff format). Picture captions should be typed in Times New Roman Cyr 14 pt. The total amount of illustrations, pictures, etc is is limited to 4 in a manuscript. All illustrations, pictures, etc should be eligible for editing and enclosed in their original format. Tables go on separate A4 pages in Times New Roman Cyr 14 pt. The word «Table» should be in the upper right-hand corner, the caption should be centered. Do not abbreviate notations or data in the tables.

The main parts of the manuscript should be arranged in the following order:

  • Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);
  • the author’s /authors’ initials and surnames;
  • the title of the manuscript (in Russian);
  • the title of the manuscript (in English);
  • the absract of the manuscript (in Russian) (10 lines);
  • the absract of the manuscript (in English);
  • key words (in Russian) (up to 10 words);
  • key words (in English);
  • the main text of the manuscript (conclusions are welcomed);
  • references / bibliography;
  • full information about the author’s /authors’ (in Russian): full information about the author’s /authors’ full name, job position, main place of work (postal address, telephone number), e-mail address (in Russian);
  • full information about the author /authors (in English).

The references should be placed at the end of a manuscript in the order that the literary sources are first mentioned in the text. All the literary sources given in the references should be mentioned in the main text [given in square brackets]. The references should include only the sources which have already been published. When some official / standardizing documents are quoted (e.g. Construction Rules and Regulation) the number and title of the document should go right in the main text. The bibliography should be arranged according All Union State Standard (GOST) R 7.0.5 – 2008. References pattern is given in Appendix 6.

Manuscript Format Guidelines for a manuscript part that goes in English (that is information about the author(s), abstract, etc):

  • information about the author(s), in successive order: a Latin transliteration of the author’s full name (first name, second name, surname) (with the help of “Transliteration Rules” hosted on; science degree (use only Doctor, PhD, MSc with the name of the appropriate field of research); academic degree (use only Professor, Associate Professor, Academician of …, Cor. Member of …, Senior Researcher, Junior Researcher, Senior Lecturer, Engineer, post-graduate student, applicant, master student, student), the official name of the institution / organization, city and country;
  • the title of the manuscript, abstract, key words should be identical to the Russian text.
  • The sample of a manuscript and cover documents are available at

Materials required for publication

According to the requirements listed below, the author(s) should submit the manuscript accompanied by cover documents. The manuscript with pictures and tables should be printed on A4-sized paper (single-sided). The manuscript is to be signed by the author(s) on the reverse side of the last page. The submission date should follow the signature. The manuscript should be submitted in electronic format on a CD or a USB stick / USB flash drive or via e-mail File names should be as follows: the manuscript – “the author’s surname_title of the manuscript”; pictures – “the author’s surname_picture №”; tables – “the author’s surname_table №”. Pictures and tables numbers should correspond to those in the manuscript. Both printed and electronic version should be identical. Cover documents include:

  • – A cover letter signed by the Head of the Institution / Organization in which the author of the manuscript in question works. Post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, applicants for a degree and staff of SGASU do not submit a cover letter.

An extract from the protocol of the Sitting of the Department (Science and Engineering Board, Scientific and Technical Council or any other organization) recommending the manuscript in question to be published in the Journal.

  • – An expert opinion / judgment confirming that the manuscript can be edited in public media.
  • – An independent review done according to the requirements approved by the Editorial Board. It has to be signed and stamped by the official representative of the Institution / Organization in which the reviewer works.

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