Edition 3



Mathematical description of resistance of brick pier with mortar frame to reference fire exposure

ILYIN Nicolay A, PANFILOV Denis V, PISCHULEV Alexander A. 4-9 p.

The results of mathematical description of resistance of brick pier with mortar frame to reference fire exposure are viewed. New functional relations are presented in the form of analytic formulas which determine fire resistance duration of reinforced mortar frame and brick pier core. The package of measures of non-destructive testing of brick pier with mortar frame keeps down costs of fire experiment, improves testing accuracy and reduces testing time.



Air infiltration and room heat loss through window openings

VESNIN Vladimir I. 10-16 p.

The research of cooling processes of a building, when heating system is operating in discontinuous mode, is carried out. Factors affecting temperature decrease rate are analyzed. Influence of cold air infiltration on heat exchange processes is shown. Methods of aerodynamic calculations of natural ventilation are specified. Method of pressure determination in-building, taking into account infiltrative air hydraulic loss, is proposed. Cooling process with air infiltration is calculated. Infiltration increases clinograde by 0.4-1°C per hour. Existing materials of heat transfer resistance through fiberglass windows constructions are compiled. Practical proposals for reducing of air infiltration and heat loss through openings are made.

Experimental study of operation modes of high-performance heat pipes with Ω-shaped capillary grooved structure of wick

LOUKS Aleksander L., KRESTIN Evgeny A., MATVEEV Andrey G., VESNIN Vladimir I. 17-24 p.

Heat pipe is one of the promising type of heat exchangers. But some processes in heat pipes are still studied not enough. Particularly there isn’t any unified theory of bubbles inception in a wick. Problems of layer wave flow demand to be studied. The paper views operating modes of heat pipes – evaporation processes at low heat flow rate and bubble boiling at ultimate transfer power. Different limits of transfer power and its experimental values are analyzed. The research shows that grooves with perimeter in the form of circle – with Ω-capillary structure of a wick are the most effective.

The problem of modelling of soil mass temperature field during many years service of heat pump

SAPRYKINA Nadezhda Yu. 25-30 p.

Running time has a great impact on the process of change of soil thermal conditions. As the result temperature field changes. Many years service also causes thermophysical changes. Continuous work of geothermic heat pump plants dictates the need for temperature fields research of operating well. The best method of examination in this case is mathematic simulation. This method gives an opportunity to obtain results in a relatively short time as economically as possible. The experiment furnishes fields temperature values and graphic models which permit to develop the methodology of analogous systems design and to give a long-term outlook on these systems service. The experimental findings and obtained results allow to deduce that geothermal heat can be used for the most extensive range of tasks of heat and cold supply



About sewage system technical maintenance

GALPERIN Evgeny M. 31-37 p.

Sewage system is standing out from other pipeline systems of city infrastructure in that the beginning of destruction and its propagation are revealed on only accident occasion. Modern techniques – particularly closedcircuit TV system – permit to control sewer lines state changes, to predict their failures and prevent emergency situations. This is more advanced service level. The article analyses costs owing to up-coming transition as well as related advantages. Existing defaults of legal and regulatory framework are highlighted. Defects classification and their casualty-producing capacity are described.



Device for vertical panels mounting

DOLADOV Yury I., KHMYLEVA Olga Yu 38-43 p.

The article analyzes operations ways and mounting device of long sandwich panels as enclosing structures. It is evaluated that at the moment there are no reliable auxiliary mounting devices for vertical panels at high altitude. Proposed device improves the quality of operations and increases performance. Device is protected by license. For the first time construction features are described in details. Device gives to mounters an opportunity to work staying on the construction’s surface that is already attached on the building frame



Media technologies in a modern city

AKHMEDOVA Elena A., KANDALOVA Alla D. 44-48 p.

This article describes introduction and role of modern media technology in architectural urban space of the world’s greatest cities. The authors have analyzed architectural objects with «digital signature», media facades and LED screens. Spaces’ emergence and development sated with various digital resources help for creation of important transformations which influence social production of the modern world’s city space. Introduction of media technologies into architectural and spatial environment of the world’s largest cities is important for the formation of the latest elaborated spaces which influence the city’s social production.

«Environmental attractions» in public spaces

VORONTSOVA Yulia S. 49-52 p.

The article discusses the role of environmental attractions in the structural organization in public spaces such as shopping malls. Environmental attractions being a participant of public spaces formation with other objects, affect people’s artistic and emotional perception of space. In illustration of these attractions optical illusions are standing out. The author explores the examples of existing environmental attractions and concludes that the introduction of environmental attractions with optical illusions requires the identification of specific steps and conditions of designing environmental attractions as the architectural and spatial forms in large shopping centers.

Methods of preservation of xix-early xx centuries town mansions

KARASYOV Fedor V. 53-61 p.

The article deals with the classification and characteristics of the formation of the manor buildings system of XIX – early XX centuries taking into account urban development criteria: social status, location toward the historic city center, density, buildings height, functional and planning type of buildings. Revealed planning types of buildings should be considered as universal and characteristic for Russian cities whose architectural and planning structure is organized on the principle of dividing into zones on a regular grid. Emphasis is placed on the preservation of town mansions within the boundaries of existing houses forming the basis of quarters planning of the historic center. On the base of this classification methods for the preservation and development of town mansions in the present-day conditions taking into account their planning features are proposed.

Dynamics of construction of business centers in samara city middle area

KAIASOV Aleksei A. 62-66 p.

In this article1 the author views the periods of formation of business function in Samara, features of the development in each historical period and emergence of new types of buildings – business centers. The article deals the middle area of the city as the most promising for the formation of Samara city business functions. The middle area of the city concentrates the various functions – commercial, administrative, social, business, hotel and has great potential for future development. In connection with the beginning of the implementation of major federal projects: transport hub of Kurumoch airport, the design of the technopark and Сentral highway, preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2018, the role of the middle zone of the urban environment structure increases.

Analysis of embankment historic development as optimal architectural and planning environment for all recreational types and forms

KOKRANOVA Olesya V., LITVINOV Denis V. 67-73 p.

The analysis of historical development of the embankment, as technical construction which gains wide popularity during formation of coastal resorts of the English aristocracy of the XIX-XX centuries is carried out. Recreational development of the coast is defined as the major factor of transformation of natural landscapes. To give to the coast the correct form, strengthening, protection from washout, to increase city space embankments are under construction in a coastal zone. Again formed space is used for creation of promenades, esplanades, parks, piers, etc. The analysis shows that the embankment turns from an engineering construction in architectural and planning zones between the nature and the city which purpose is a creation of the optimal environment for all recreational types and forms. The obtained positive experience of city space increasing finds broad application by other countries. The conclusion is drawn, about what that in the course of historical development the embankment proved to be as a flexible architectural form, capable to develop, and its utilitarian functions was formed by its esthetic qualities.

History and current trends in high-rise construction

MATEJKO Alexander O. 74-78 p.

The history of high-rise buildings development from the perspective of the skyscrapers international classification by structural depth, developed and adopted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, is viewed. In accordance with this classification the entire history of high-rise buildings is divided into 4 periods from the perspective of overcoming the three key heights: the mark of 100, 300 and 600 meters and the emergence of skyscrapers (Tall buildings), Super skyscrapers (Supertall’s) and Mega skyscrapers (Megatall’s). Revealed the characteristic features in the use of technology, functional use skyscrapers, the approach to the placement of high-rise buildings and complexes in the urban space. Identify trends, characteristic for the present stage of development of highrise construction.

Architecture and urban heritage of kuban as a resource of russian statehood strengthening

SUBBOTIN Oleg S. 79-83 p.

Retrospective analysis of formation and development of architectural and town-planning culture of Kuban is proposed. The article covers the major problems of the conservation of Kuban urban architectural heritage. Three types of areas by the planning principles are identified and the set of issues about reconstruction of each of these areas is marked. The attention is focused on the areas of natural landscape and tourist complexes. An integrated strategy for architectural and urban development is denoted. The problem of preservation of architectural heritage in the countryside is viewed. The practical significance of this work can serve as a basis for updating the historical and cultural heritage on a national and regional context, as well as material for studies related to the history of architecture.

Water- and windmills of samara province in the XIX – early XX centuries

SYSOEVA Elena A. 84-90 p.

Water- and windmills of Samara Province are viewed. Their origin, construction features and development are examined. Correlation between architectural scene and functional organization of buildings in settlement structure are analyzed. Main types of mills location in structure of Samara Province settlements are shown up. Remaining mills – windmill in Barinovka, windmill in Mironovka are considered. Design features of tent-type windmills and their functional organization are described, auxiliary structures – mill farm with household buildings – are viewed.



Architectural analysis of accessible railway stations environment on the example of Kinel railway station of Kuibyshev railway

BARKOVSKIY Aleksey M., TERYAGOVA Aleksandra N. 91-96 p.

The article deals with organization of the barrier-free environment in the transport sphere. The statement of need in reconstruction of the Kinel railway station (Kuibyshev railway) for organization of the free-barrier environment for physically challenged people and disabled people is the main idea of this article. The main particulars of architectural and urban design of transport system for people with disabilities at the regional level are noted in the article. One should note here that availability of the transportation hub is provided by condition of urban realm, functional environment of railway station and also by transport vehicles. As typical for modern Russia example, architectural environment of Kinel station was researched and got estimate about its availability for people with limited mobility with position by «universal design».

Prospects of development of ecological tourism infrastructures in protected natural areas

VAVILOVA Tatiana Ya., CHAKINA Ilina S. 97-102 p.

The problems of protected natural areas is analyzed in this article. The reasons that hinder the ecological tourism development are marked. The authors pay special attention to the quality aspects of the architectural environment. The results of a comprehensive analysis of international experience of architectural design and beautification of public spaces set out on the examples of the national parks. The typological system of structuring a basic nomenclature of facilities which are necessary for scientific research and tourist services is proposed. The need for the diversification of the functional composition and composite solutions is demonstrated on the examples of the visitor centers. Some features of the development of infrastructure for ecotourism environment of the National Park «Samarskaya Luka» are considered.

Current trends and reframe of shopping malls functional role

KAPP Polina V. 103-108 p.

The article views topical questions affecting different modern forming methods in effective marketing and architectural strategy of multifunctional shopping mall. The emphasis is put on transformation aspects of functionality of shopping malls in the context of sustainable development approach. It is underlined that as centers of attraction of different social groups multifunctional shopping malls are able to take the function of community spirit formation, of people’s areal and social identity and to extend creative work potentials. The best world practices in modern shopping malls design and construction are analyzed. Three model types of multifunctional shopping malls are proposed,
their functional structure and principal characteristics are defined.

Evolution of topological structure of rental housing in foreign countries

KOLOSOVSKAIA Anastasia A., POTIENKO Natalia D. 109-115 p.

The article is devoted to the history of the construction and study of the diversity of rental housing typological structure from ancient times to the present day in some foreign countries. Examples of housing policy in the field of tenancy are presented. Urban planning, architectural, planning, design and stylistic methods of design and construction of rental housing abroad are studied. The impact of socio-economic relations in the society, the transformation of the typological structure of rental housing, the level of comfort, quality accommodation, as well as a change in the planning structure of cities are considered in historical perspective. The current trends and the principles of rental housing and apartment buildings abroad are marked. The need for the construction of rental housing in Russia to improve the living conditions of a vast proportion of Russians is justified.



German military plan of Kuibyshev (Samara) city as the object of study of its urban development

KOTENKO Irina A. 116-125 p.

The article views the first time appeared on the Web German military plan of Kuibyshev (Samara) city of 1942. This plan is of interest for studying the historical and building development of the city in pre-war and wartime. The article provides information about the organization of military cartography and topography in Germany, about the kinds of special cards and military-geographic documents and their purpose. The military-geographical city plans were the special maps. The author examines the cartographic features of schematic military-geographical city plan: sources for plan; executive stamp; scale; economic and geographical description (general legend) and the legend of points of interest; list of undetected important urban objects and symbols. The author concludes that the military plan cartography of 1942 is more accurate for prewar city. However, information about important military and industrial sites are detailed and relevant to the war. The study and comparison of the German and Soviet city plans and maps contribute to better knowledge of urban development of period under review.

Principles of transport analysis zones in urban transport planning

LEVASHEV Alexey 126-128 p.

The work is devoted to the urban transportation planning, transportation modeling and problems of collecting the necessary input data. The principles of Transportation Analysis Zone forming are developed, taking into account the special urban trips generators. Techniques of the input data for Transportation Analysis Zone using modern GIS technology are described. The classification of Transportation Analysis Zone is presented.

Multifunctional street space: development street classification based on cluster analysis

PRELOVSKAYA Evgeniya S. 129-134 p.

The work is devoted to the adaptation of modern urban planning concepts to the Russian conditions. Particular attention is paid to the street as a public space and a multi-modal communication facility. According to city sustainable development approach are proposed street classes missing in Russia: urban boulevards, transit friendly streets and shared space. Streets classification by their function and usage rate is presented. Street space functions arise from adjacent buildings type. Classification approach testing is performed on the example of Irkutsk central zone with cluster analysis method for revealing of proposed streets classes on area in question. In new structure conditions traffic demand and redistribution of traffic flows are evaluated. Attained results speak for traffic mitigation in city central zone.



Vibration protection of powerful inductors

YEGHIAZARYAN Alexandra S., ZIMIN Lev S. 135-139 p.

Electrodynamic and vibroacoustic problems during induction heating of solids with variable curvature of surface – primarily heating of slabs for rolling – are viewed. It is recommended to perform electrodynamic calculation on numerical model developed through coupled circuits method and virtual displacement law. For numerical solution of vibration problem it is worth to use finite-element method. In the general case for calculating of distributed forces Biot-Savart-Laplace’s law is used. This law permits to definite surface current density in a slab. Through inductor vibration model studies the form of inductor optimal shell is synthesized according to the criterion of minimal noise emissions.

Simulation model of region energy system on the base of three-factor production function

SALOV Aleksey G., GAVRILOVA Anna A., KNYAZEV Pavel A., KRUGLOV Vitaly A. 140-145 p.

The article shows models of energy production system by the example of Samara region energy system on the base of production functions. The main resources are determined. Model parameters characterizing effectiveness of resources use are identified by the method of least squares. Quality evaluation of production functions is done. Models of region energy system management are constructed in the light of internal and external investments. Controllability of region energy system is examined with simulation modeling. Boundaries of efficient control are defined. Different functioning forecasts are proposed.



Numerical study of natural convection in enclosed volume

KORTYAEVA Darya O., NIKITIN Maxim N. 146-150 p.

A numerical study of natural convection was conducted with Code Saturne soft ware package. A numerical model based on combined k-ω SST turbulence model was developed. The results of simulation of natural convection in enclosed volume of air were obtained in two variants of boundary conditions specification: by heat flux and by heat transfer coefficient. The problem was solved in a non-stationary formulation using a pressure-velocity coupling algorithm PISO. This simulation model adequacy is evaluated. Experimental data on the temperature profile in the central section is used as a benchmark criteria. Assumptions about the destructive factors reducing the accuracy of the solution, are partly supported by the results of comparative analysis of the intensity of convective mixing. Assumptions partially confirmed by the results of comparative analysis of the intensity of convective mixing, performed on the basis of upward velocity profiles for the heated air.