Edition 2




NETISHINA Kristina A., RYAZANOVA Galina N. 4-8 p.

The article describes an approach to probabilistic and physical modeling of walling reliability taking into account temperature, moisture and operation conditions, structural elements load specifi cation, reliability indicators and failure probability. The durability (service life) is taken as the main reliability indicator. The man-made and climatic impact on building construction durability is studied. It is proved that ventilated faces are a modern design solution for construction of new buildings as well as reconstruction.



Influence of major lowland water basins on geotechnical status of loess soils

BARANOVA Margarita N., MALTSEV Andrey V., VASILYEVA Daria I. 9-14 p.

The prevalence of loess soils in North Eurasia steppe zone causes their frequent use as building foundations. In this regard their geotechnical features are of particular importance. In European part of Russia loess soils are widespread in mid-Volga region which present at the moment tandem reservoir system created more than 50 years ago. In reservoir area major lowland rivers show rapid increase of groundwater level that has negative consequences in the case of loess soils. In Samara region there are two great lowland water basins on Volga river (Kuibyshev and Saratov Reservoirs) which have a great impact on environment. Loess soils geotechnical features, geological processes, material composition and microstructure as well as their changes in underfl ooding are described.Underfl ooding infl uence on loess soils in urban development conditions are studied.

Calculation of beam-strip foundation on cushion course through hyperbolic-circular functions

KUZNETSOVA Tatiana V., BUKHMAN Lubov M. 15-21 p.

Many methods of calculations of beam-strip foundations on cushion course are described in academic literature. This article views one of the most eff ective methods – the method of calculation of beam-strip foundations on cushion course through hyperbolic-circular functions. The procedure of calculation under diff erent condition variants in initial and terminal cross section is presented. The proposed method is one of the most simple and eff ective calculation methods which permits to simplify the procedure of calculation of beam-strip foundations on cushion course and to obtain more consistent results and to approximate design conditions to practice.



Evaluation of heat protection characteristics of buildings with intermittent heating insulated with sandless coarse-porous expanded clay concrete

BELYAKOV Igor G. 22-26 p.

Mathematical modeling of process of nonstationary heat transfer through walling exploited in intermitt ent heating conditions is viewed. Analytical dependence is revealed for fi nding of maximum permissible thickness of heat insulation layer providing required heating time. Based on this procedure the results of calculation of outer walls diff erent variants are presented. Comparative analysis of heating time of walling insulated with sandless coarse-porous expanded clay concrete.

Thermotechnical calculation of floors above unheated basement in cottage exploited under intermittent heating conditions

CHULKOV Alexander A., VYTCHIKOV Yury S., SAPAREV Mikhail Ye. 27-31 p.

The procedure of thermotechnical calculation of fl oor above unheated basement exploited under intermitt ent heating conditions is presented. Procedure in question is based on research of nonstationary problem of heat transfer through walling and takes into account thermo-inertial characteristics of walling materials. Through the example of fl oor above cottage basement is evaluated energy consumption and walling heating time in passing from stand-by mode to work mode with proposed procedure. Based on calculation results recommendations for energy and heating time saving are presented.



Water purification from barium and hardness salts

NAZAROV Vladimir D., NAZAROV Maksim V., OSIPOVA Anna A., DIMOV Kirill V., DRYOMINA Maria A. 32-37 p.

The methodology of improvement of drink water quality is developed: hardness salts and barium elimination. Diff erent ways of water purifi cation as electrochemical fi ltration, pulp fi ltration with reactants in one step, pulp fi ltration with reactants in two steps are shown. In the article it is proved that water under study could be raised to sanitary norms only with specifi c purifi cation technology developed for water supply source.

Peculiarities of design and operation of water supply systems of high-rise buildings

SAYRIDDINOV Sayriddin Sh. 38-47 p.

In this article the problem of design and operation of water supply systems for high-rise buildings in Russia, including in Togliatt i, is considered. The system of water supply of highrise buildings in modern design conditions is substantiated. It is noted that the existing design methods are based on the norms of the last century, without taking into account modern developments in the fi eld of sanitary equipment and the requirements for resource saving. It is substantiated that in order to above-mentioned problems solution it is necessary to study the development trends of the regulatory base in the fi eld of high-rise construction; to determine the operational features of high-rise building water supply systems; to reveal factors aff ecting resource conservation in the water supply system of high-rise buildings; to study effi ciency of pumping units operation and peculiarities of their regulation; to evaluate the water-saving eff ect from the use of modern water-fi ttings.



Development trends and creation of new building materials

LITVINOVA Yulia V. 48-52 p.

Trends, regularities and eventual development ways of construction materials, items and structures revealed on the base of patents fond and recent researches analysis are shown in the article. Scientifi c literature sources analysis proves that construction materials and structures development and their production technologies are obeyed some regularities which can be studied and used for construction materials and structures perfecting. It should also be taken into account that materials from production to use in construction undergo signifi cant changes – from liquid, pseudoliquid and fl uid state to hard state. Final product should meet requirements of strength, durability, damage tolerance. The most advantageous ways of constructional materials perfecting are revealed. Based on the research results every next step in especial materials and structures development can be predicted.

Influence of type of crimean quarries carbonate waste on durability, сuring time and structure formation of slag-lime concrete on the basis of soluble glass with silicate module 1,5-1,7

SVISHCH Igor S., NOSATOVA Elena V. 53-63 p.

In the article the infl uence of carbonate waste on durability, curing time and structure formation of slag-lime concrete of diff erent compositions with diff erent curing conditions on the basis of soluble glass with silicate module Mc=1,5-1,7 is considered as well as Crimean quarries stone-cutt ing waste. Slag-lime binders are diffi cult in-use because of curing time and its infl uence on concrete brick durability. One of ways of sett ing time regulation lies in introduction of some stone-cutting waste in blast-furnace grained slag before grinding. The studies of stone-cutt ing waste infl uence on curing time, durability and structure formation of slag-lime binder and concretes on its basis are able to show mechanism of curing time regulation and it will work to correct technological parameters of construction items production. The phase composition is studied with help of the diff erential thermal, x-ray diff raction and microstructural analyses.



Ecological problems solution during extraction and processing of raw materials

CHUMACHENKO Natalya G., TURNIKOV Vladimir V., PETROVA Ekaterina V. 64-69 p.

The article briefs on human impact on the environment during raw materials open mining and primary processing: carbonate rocks, clays, sands, etc. The main sources of pollution are revealed. It is found that man-made mineral formations which consume great territories and change relief make the principal impact. The main task for environmental load decrease on quarrying areas is determined: reducing or elimination of man-made formations. The authors recommend to monitor the state of natural environment for the purpose of ecological processes prediction and management. The integration of research results into diff erent construction materials production is the mosr eff ective variant of problem solution.



Anthropocentricity principle as an instrument for pedestrian spaces design

BUGAEVA (DEMURINA) Yulia L. 70-75 p.

The principle of anthropocentricity implies the organization of barrier-free pedestrian space corresponding to norms of walking, and criteria of quality and comfort for multi groups. The defi nition of pedestrian spaces and their more advanced phase – integrated pedestrian spaces is proposed in the article. The physiological capabilities of the pedestrian, including people with limited mobility, which form the parametric characteristics of pedestrian spaces, such as radius of the walking distance, absolute and to concrete objects, are identifi ed . The development dynamics of pedestrian spaces quantity and quality parameters over time is revealed.

Architectural order and people. Tribalism and environmental isolation of Russians

KOLEVATYKH Dmitry A. 76-84 p.

The article deals with the revealing of the factors aff ecting the creation of the image of «modern Russian architectural order». The features of Russians adaptation to this image in everyday life are described. Characteristic properties of organization, formation and interaction of modern «order groups» with city and between each other are viewed, characteristic symptoms are described and new terms in this fi eld of study are introduced. The paper is followed by summary and illustrations.

Design technologies role in architectural environment and social progress

SHUVALOVA Ekaterina M., MALYSHEVA Svetlana G. 85-88 p.

In the article the role of design and its instruments in architectural environment is viewed, design goals are scheduled, design place in social progress is determined. The research deals with key aspects of profession of designer in context of modern environment and cultural necessity. The problem of design methods integration in society by means of involvement principles is studied. It is proved that designer plays a role of communicator and new technologies provider and this fact conditions specifi city of design methods in designer profession. The solution for the problem of architectural environment depersonalization and its subject fi lling is proposed on the base of latest achievements of technology and humanities.

Social ecology of a city: features of living environment formation

RADULOVA Yana I. 89-94 p.

The interaction between internal and external spaces in modern architecture of low-rise residential house is shown. The features of spatial boundaries and their resources for low-rise residential architectural objects are studied. Ecological problems of spatial boundaries formation are revealed. Current researches in the fi eld of architecture ecology are viewed. The major criteria of evaluation of sustainability of architectural boundaries of low-rise housing are determined. The principle of nature conformity of space in low-rise architecture is revealed. This principle is studied on two levels – methodological and practical, and it supposes internal space formation in according with nature environment factors and its ecological status.

The significance of context in the works of alvaro siza

RYBAKOVA Daria S. 95-100 p.

The paper is dedicated to investigation of creative approach of Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira. As a part of the study massings of the most modern objects designed by Siza in different countries in the latest 10-15 years are analyzed. Critics and theorists opinions are presented as well as commentaries of the Maitre himself. For Alvaro Siza urban environment is the context of architectural objects in most cases but interplay of buildings and nature context is original and equally interesting. According to analysis report we managed to formulate number of principles that were applied by Alvaro Siza to design diff erent objects in natural, urban or historical environment ad to form graphical schemes and models illustrating these principles.



Energy saving ways in public buildings architecture of Iraq

AL-OBAIDI Ibrahim Kawan Taha 101-106 p.

The article analyze energy-saving spatial, structural and energyeffi cient engineering solutions. The ways of energy saving and production in public buildings construction in Baghdad are investigated. Technical and architectural measures complex for the solution of problems of energy saving, reduction of energy consumption for facility maintenance and microclimate comfort improvement inside the building is viewed. Examples of construction illustrating these solutions are cited, principles of harmonious relationship to the environment in the design and construction of buildings are discussed.

High-rise factors in european context

GENERALOVA Elena M. 107-113 p.

The article deals with the problem of revealing the factors which explain intensive rate of high-rise construction development. The main strategies of high-rise buildings integration into urban environment are presented. Through the example of Europe extremely topical direction of vertical city development is analyzed and it is shown that the key role is played by skyscraper-accent which provides to an area a new impulse for development of diff erent fi elds – economy, tourism, society, politics, etc. It is to be noted that this phenomenon has already embraced almost all European countries – the examples are given in the article. The features of this type of high-rise buildings are comprehensively studied from diff erent points of view – functional, planning, constructive, technical, architectural parameters and other.

Compositional and spacial reorganization of urban environment. scenery spots method

KOLESNIKOV Sergey A. 114-118 p.

In the article the problem of compositional and special reorganization of urban environment is viewed. «Urban environment » is a complex of elements consisting of city space frame (complex of buildings and scale of city areas gardening and rehabilitation), open spaces, sculpted surface color solutions, individuality of architectural millworks and rehabilitation elements. The research is based on analysis of complex solutions for urban environment development with scenery spots method. General characteristic of contemporary state of Samara city environment is given, compositional and spatial resources of urban area development are revealed. New-term outlook of urban development is proposed.



Scenario approach principles in organization of public recreational spaces through the example of parks

VOROBYOVA Marina O. 119-124 p.

Public recreational spaces play an important role in city structure. The article studies scenario approach principles in organization of open public recreational areas through the example of parks and views scenario theme and its role in organization of public recreational spaces. The parks classifi cation according to theme line is proposed, four main themes are revealed: history (archeology), culture and ethnics, tales and mythology, science and technologies. The correlation between parks theme and their planning patt ern is shown. The theme parks are analyzed in the context of planning-compositional and functional characteristics. Parks pathways are looked into the matt er of space perception, the authenticity of demonstration objects is viewed.



Efficient system for extruder electrical heating in polystyrene foam slabs production line

DANILUSHKIN Aleksandr I., DANILUSHKIN Vasilij A., VASIL’EV Ivan V. 125-132 p.

In the article is proposed an eff ective system for extruder inductive heating with specifi ed temperature gradient at worm length and screw channel depth. Mathematical descriptions of heat exchange process in the system «inductor-metal cylindercomposite material» are presented. Electromagnetic and temperature fi elds in axisymmetric system «inductor-cylinderpolystyrene» are studied by fi nite elements method. The results of numerical experiments of calculation of heating specific capacity distribution at extruder cylinder volume as well as temperature fi elds in material at extrusion zone length are presented.



Ways of energy saving

ZIMIN Lev S., YEGHIAZARYAN Alexandra S. 133-138 p.

The article views energy saving as motive force for sustainable economic growth in Russia. Electrical energy is a product which determines performance indicators of industrial enterprises, production quality, equipment and apparatus reliability and even mental health of people. The role of education and competence development in the fi eld of energy saving is highlighted. The optimization of energy intensive technologies is also very eff ective. The authors prove that electrical energy is the most ecological energy form, it is more eff ective for usage than mineral fuel. Possible ways of energy saving are studied at operating objects as well as objects in design.